General Flow

General Flow

This section describe how to interact with the API, make sure to follow the step below

General Flow of Using MPC API from Xellar

The general flow of using the MPC API from Xellar involves the following steps:

  1. Logging in: Users start by logging in using either Google Auth or Username & Password. This ensures a secure and authenticated access to the MPC API.
  2. Wallet Creation or Recovery: After logging in, users have two options. They can either create a new wallet or recover an existing wallet by secret. If the user chooses to create a new wallet, they will be guided through the necessary steps to set up a new wallet. On the other hand, if the user wants to recover a wallet, they need to provide the necessary secret information to regain access to their wallet. It is important to note that this step assumes that the user has already created a wallet previously.
  3. Interacting with Wallet Operations: Once the wallet is set up or recovered successfully, users can start interacting with various wallet operations. Some of the common wallet operations include:
    • Sending coins: Users can transfer coins to other wallets or addresses using the MPC API. This allows for secure and efficient coin transactions.
    • Checking balance: Users can easily check the balance of their wallets using the MPC API. This provides them with real-time information about the amount of coins held in their wallets.
    • Receiving coins: Users can receive coins from other wallets or addresses. This enables them to receive funds securely and conveniently.
    • Transaction history: The MPC API keeps a record of all transactions made from the wallet, allowing users to easily track their transaction history.
    • Account management: Users can manage their wallet settings, such as changing passwords, enabling two-factor authentication, and updating personal information.

It is important to follow the appropriate authentication and security measures while using the MPC API from Xellar to ensure the safety of your wallet and transactions. By leveraging the features and functionalities offered by the API, users can have a secure and convenient experience for managing their digital assets.