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Configuring OAuth

Configuring OAuth on Dashboard

Setting up Google Auth

To white-label the Google Oauth screen on Xellar you need to retrieve your Google Cloud Client ID and input it into the Xellar Embedded API Service Dashboard.

Setting up OAuth consent screen

If you have already set up OAuth credentials and have an OAuth Client ID skip to Step 8

Step 1: Go to console.cloud.google.com (opens in a new tab) and select the navigation bar

Step 2: Go to APIs & Services Step 3: Select OAuth consent screen

Screenshot 2024-06-24 213715.png

Step 4: Create Project

Screenshot 2024-06-24 213809.png

Step 5: Create New Project

Google Auth 45.png

Step 6: Select External User Type

Google Auth 5.png

Step 7: Full registration until complete

Google Auth 6.png

Retrieving OAuth Client ID

Step 8: Go to Credentials from Navigation Step 9: Select Create Credentials

1 credentials.png

Step 10: Select OAuth client ID

2 credentials.png

Step 11: Select Application Type

3 credentials.png

Step 12: Fill Out Details

4 credentials.png

Step 13: Copy Client ID

5 credentials.png

Registering OAuth Client ID

Step 1: Select OAuth config

Step 2: Input Client ID from Google Cloud Console

Step 3: Press Register

Screenshot 2024-06-24 at 10.27.57pm.png