Embedded Wallets


Embedded wallets are wallets that get spun up for users when they first come into your app. They are designed to help app developers building web3 apps for mainstream audiences build seamless login experiences.

Users can login using their email address, social logins (twitter, apple, discord, etc), or any Open ID Compatible authentication service. Once they authenticate they are provisioned a wallet, which they can then use to perform onchain actions like minting NFTs and sending transactions.


Seamless onboarding

Email, phone, social, and passkey options

Local Authentication

Use local authentications such as Whatsapp and Telegram

Full Functionality

Connect to other web3 apps via WalletConnect


No single point of failure

Wallet Management

Easily transfer assets or export private key

Use Cases

  • Creating user wallets without requiring web3/crypto knowledge or downloading an external app.
  • Allowing users to access their wallets on different devices without additional passwords.
  • Enabling on-chain integrations seamlessly into your mobile or web applications