Embedded Wallets
How to


Xellar is the first Embedded Wallet Service to allow you to authenticate your wallet through Whatsapp. Whatsapp has 80%+ penetration across SEA which makes it an ideal onboarding process for your users. In order to use Whatsapp Authentication you must connect with the Xellar team through support@xellar.co.

Xellar provides 2 options when configuring your whatsapp. You can whitelabel the account which sends the OTP to the users to your business name, or you can use Xellar’s name. If you would like to whitelabel you must set up your own meta business account. Follow the instructions below.

Setup Whatsapp Authentication

Once you have setup your Whatsapp Authentication system, follow the Whatsapp API documents to implement it into your platform

Whatsapp API